Nursing Homes

Nursing care homes in Sussex vary in style a great deal, and much depends on your personal preference, but always look for kind and caring staff who are qualified, experienced and able to help with all physical needs plus a home-from-home friendly atmosphere. 

You might be looking for an environment where you have a choice of privacy or socialising, your own quiet and private room where you can keep your personal belongings and receive individual visitors, and pleasant communal rooms where there is a choice of seating i.e. sun or shade, quiet spaces for a chat with a friend, or communal TV lounge for games and socialising for instance.  When you visit a nursing home have a good look around. Is the home clean and smelling fresh? Are the staff friendly and approachable for a chat, and do they enjoy their work?

If you have a beloved pet at home, you may not need to part with it, as even keeping pets is permitted in some homes with some support from staff although usually they state that if it passes away, it should not be replaced.  Obviously it makes a great deal of difference if service users don't have to part with their 'best friend' and so generally, they will accept an existing pet which with staff support you can bring it in with you until it passes on. 

Many nursing homes have visiting entertainers on a regular basis, with quizzes, games afternoons, musical performers, singing, gentle exercise classes, visiting animals to pet, etc.  If residents enjoy getting out and about, some nursing homes offer rides in a car to have afternoon tea, or offer the services of carers to take you to the cinema, theatre or a meal out.

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Are the Managers readily available for a chat?  Homes will also have visiting health professionals such as chiropodist, hairdresser, or should be happy to welcome your own if you have a particular preference.