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This is a directory for Nursing homes in Sussex. 

If you live in the Sussex area and are looking for a nursing home for yourself, a friend or relative, please follow the links on the right find details of nursing homes in the Sussex area and we hope that you will find what you need. 

Short and Long Term Care Options offered by Nursing Homes in Sussex

If some extra care would be welcome there are many options from short stay nursing care homes in Sussex that are happy to offer respite places for those who only need a short break, perhaps when a carer needs a short holiday or a patient cant cope at home when recuperating after a hospital visit, to permanent care or nursing places, which offer a complete rest from responsibilities or the support of a professional team at the end of life. 

Sussex - the local area

If you, your friend or relative has always lived in the area then there will be a good reason to stay in Sussex.  But Sussex is also easily reached from London and very much better value care is found out of the city plus good rail and road links mean that many people choose to retire in Sussex from areas like London.  The fine weather and pleasant countryside around Sussex and especially Eastbourne is well known for being popular with retired people, in fact theres a good reason why Eastbourne has become known as Gods Waiting Room - retired people love living here!

How much care do you need? Getting past the mental barriers

Many people have a negative idea of what going into care can entail.  The thought of leaving the security of your own home can be very daunting indeed, and the stress of packing up, giving away or otherwise parting with many of your treasured possessions can also be overwhelming.  However, once you have visited a few nursing homes in Sussex and seen how comfortable you might be, you may change your mind.  Some people can manage with visiting carers, but if that means you are sitting at home alone and at risk for much of the day and night theres a lot to be said for having people around you if you are feeling less able to cope with all the daily necessities of life; someone doing the cleaning and shopping, someone even to help you put your clothes on in the morning and help you into and out of the bath; the ability to summon help at any time, day or night, from friendly and caring staff, three square meals a day prepared for you and having people readily available to talk to during the day can give some people a new lease of life who have hitherto been shut up in their homes dependent on visiting helpers or relatives from the outside.

Care Homes in Sussex - Choose Wisely

In the best care homes, everyone is treated as an individual and you can discuss a package involving as much care or as little as you like, with the homes Manager.  Some people just need a room and meal service with activities and will keep full control of things like their own finances; some need help with washing and dressing; some people need specialist Dementia services and others will need complete care for every aspect of their final days.  All these matters can be discussed and agreed before you move in with the Manager of the Home and recorded in your Personal Care Plan, which is reviewed every few months, or once a year, depending upon your needs.  You can examine the records of inspections by the Care Quality Commission for each care home here.

Planning for the future

You may be seeking to enter a nursing home in Sussex after a sudden crisis such as a fall or an illness.  Or, if a few little accidents have occurred at home already, some people even feel at risk alone at home and decide to enter a care home setting before they become really poorly and this can be a very wise decision.  

Short term arrangements for personal nursing in a local home might suit some people for a short time to offer a rest for their hardworking relatives, partner or usual carer(s), so that they can have a much-needed break or go on holiday.  Even if you dont need a nursing home immediately, it is good to have a look around a few before you need it, even have a short holiday weekend or a week there to test the water, then you can see if you like the home and would enjoy the meals, company and activities.  

Take time to choose and dont wait for a crisis

If at all possible, take your time to choose before you really need to and you wont be entering a completely new environment as an emergency patient, which would obviously add a lot more stress to any medical procedures.  It will be much easier for someone to adjust to a new situation if they have been there before, even for a weekend, and feel they have some control over the decisions and are able to have their preferences taken into account.  We suggest that you call around some of the excellent nursing homes in Sussex that are listed on the right as they will be happy to show you around and talk about what services they offer both for respite and nursing care.

So please follow the links on the right for some excellent examples of friendly and professional establishments that focus on expert caring for short and long term residents, in nursing homes in Sussex.

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home in Sussex

It is obviously a great help if the nursing home is nearby to your relatives and friends so that they can visit easily. When you choose a nursing home in Sussex it helps to start early.  Make a list of the local homes and have some questions pre-prepared.  If you have any questions dont worry about asking them - the staff should be forthcoming about their services. If the staff are open and friendly and the residents are happy, and the staff seem to have a good relationship with them, its a good indication that the home is a good place to be as the partnership between you, your relatives and your nursing care team will make a great deal of difference to your treatment.  Observing for at least 10 minutes each time will build up a picture of how the nursing home is treating its residents.  Prepare to visit often, ask if you can share a meal there, or spend a weekend perhaps, and pay special attention to the way the staff are treating the residents.

Please browse these pages to choose between the different nursing homes in Sussex and types of care available.  We hope you find what you are looking for.