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Focused and Engaged Throughout

First Aid for You were brilliant! They are very informative and always made a point of checking everyone’s understanding before moving on to the next topic. What helped keep it interesting was that the provider gave real-life stories and situations to keep the team focused and engaged throughout the training. For any organisations looking into first aid training, this training provider is the one to go for.

This blog was posted Friday 24th May 2019 : 09.59 am

Right decision

My cousin is loving her Hairdressing course. She has always wanted to get into hairdressing and learn all the different techniques. Since starting there she has learned how to wash hair and blow-dry the client's hair. She particularly enjoyed learning about the correct way to partition the hair when it came to drying and styling. She enjoys attending college and feels as though she made the right decision in her chosen field. She also asked for any advice on keeping up with the latest trends, to which they named a few top hairdressing companies to look into. They seem to be a relaxed but professional college, a good balance.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th November 2017 : 02.13 pm