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Fantastic Walks

My friend was going on holiday and needed a trusted company who would feed, comfort and walk her dogs. K9 Adventures were a fantastic choice and she had total confidence in them that her dogs would be well looked after. They were taken on fantastic walks and kept busy the whole time. She recommends this company highly.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd July 2019 : 12.08 pm

Very Useful!

My friend was looking for an energy device to help monitor the energy consumption in her home. She consulted another friend who was very helpful in recommending Eco Eye Energy Monitors to her. There were several different types of good monitors to choose from and they looked very smart and compact.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 10.02 am

Restoration in more ways than one!

My brother in law highly recommends the fantastic, professional services of ASAP Roofing who were a pleasure to meet and have on site. A previous company did a complete botch-job on the roof of his utility room. From quotation through to installation, the team was brilliant. The roof was completely refitted and restored and for a fair price. He is thankful to this company for not only restoring his roof but also his confidence in quality craftsmanship.

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th September 2018 : 10.06 am

Money well spent

Colin from Oven Cleaning Company can get your oven looking pristine and spotless in no time at all. My neighbour had her oven cleaned recently and that the result was outstanding. She paid a very reasonable price for a fabulous service which took minimum time to complete. She said that it was "money well spent" and she has booked his services in her diary for the next few upcoming months. She said that now she's had a professional oven clean, she could never go back to cooking in the state that it was before. She was completely satisfied with the service provided and highly recommends him to anybody who has a dirty oven.

This blog was posted Thursday 22nd February 2018 : 03.55 pm

Finding the time

My friend had her oven professional cleaned a few months ago. She had never considered getting her oven cleaned professionally. She is a busy mum of three and simply could not find the time to clean her oven. She never considered getting it professionally clean and was always put off because she thought that would be an expensive choice. But when she learned of the price she was pleasantly surprised and decided to give it a go. Mrs Ovens came round and did a wonderful job. She was very friendly and very thorough. My friend is so pleased she got this company to clean her oven.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 03.48 pm

Highly dependable

My husband says that SE Chimney Sweep was extremely pleasant and a joy to have in the home. From the first enquiry they were professional and honest. They arrived on time and were friendly and upbeat. They explained the stages of what they would be doing whilst remaining respectful and careful in not making any mess within the home. The service with efficient and informative. They advised my husband on a range of safety issues to look out for and keep an eye open for. They were highly dependable and very professional and knowledgeable.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th December 2017 : 12.02 pm

Great manners

Two new bathrooms have been fitted in good fashion at my friend's house. The job included tiling and some electrical work to be done. Sam Mercer Plumbing and the tea were always bright and cheery whilst remaining true professionals. They discussed the specification thoroughly before setting to on the job. The whole began and finished in the time stated and the bathrooms look superb and are now of a high spec. They were tidy and courteous when at my friends home and demonstrated great manners and people skills. This is something extra which my friend found important, as when people are in someones home it is important to know that they can be trusted.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th December 2017 : 10.20 am