One-Dose Magic

My friend highly recommends URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker supplied by Chem Assist. To keep the urinals clean and clear and for a price reasonable too, he comes to this company for all things drains related. This product is designed as a ‘one dose’ urinal unblocker and it does it with just that.. one dose! If you know anyone who has problems with blocked urinals whether in pubs, clubs, shopping centres etc., then point them in the direction of this company!

This blog was posted Monday 9th December 2019 : 09.34 am

A Pleasure to Work With

My friend who is a sole trader for her business has had the pleasure of working with Dominic Hill for the last two years. She remarked on how professional and approachable they are and how excellent they are at handling things. She feels safe in their hands and find them to be very helpful.

This blog was posted Friday 18th October 2019 : 09.26 am

Mortgage for one year accounts

My friend was looking for a mortgage company that could deal with one year accounts. My friend had set up her business just over a year ago and most high street banks were not able to accommodate this. I need some help were able to search all the options that were available out there and were able to accommodate his mortgage needs.

This blog was posted Tuesday 1st October 2019 : 11.55 am

Superb customer interaction

ETC Fire carried out the installation and servicing of the care home where my dad works at. They did a thorough check on all 9 extinguishers within the care home and my dad said how friendly and kind they were towards the staff and how they interacted with the elderly there was superb. They were personable and punctual and their response to the call out was second to none and he said he would happily recommend them to anyone.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 11.34 am

A trusted company

My father was suitably impressed with Ocean Press as they met all his printing needs. They were happy to discuss with him in fine detail exactly what his requirements were so they could match them. He had been to companies before where the finished product came out blurred and smudged. But this company did a fantastic job and the finished product was exceptional. He will be returning to them for any business printing needs in the future. He also said how pleased he was with the quality of paper which the printing was done on.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th November 2017 : 12.56 pm

High standard of service

My husband wanted to pass on his thanks to Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers for all of their patience and assistance with setting up his charity insurance. It seems that nothing is too much trouble for them and they fully understood what was required and they helped him filter through the options until they found exactly what he was looking for. He was extremely pleased with their high standard of service and he said he will most definitely be using them again.

This blog was posted Thursday 16th November 2017 : 10.48 am