Great Location!

My friends family were looking for somewhere to stay on the south coast. They looked at Eastbourne because they felt that it offered all that they needed. They were looking for somewhere near the countryside and also somewhere near the sea. They searched the net and found Tudor Guest House that was in the vicinity of where they wanted to be. Tudor Guest House was a lovely place to stay and had all that they needed!

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 10.19 am

The Place for Them

What a wonderful stay my godparents had at the Arden Hotel in East Sussex. They had always wanted a holiday retreat by the sea that they could come back to year after year and they think they have now found the place for them! They loved the convenience of where it is situated, the reasonable price, the cosy rooms and the friendly and helpful hosts.

This blog was posted Monday 24th June 2019 : 11.04 am

Effective and Efficient

Best Bookings has been a real lifesaver for my daughters business. The feedback from her about the booking system has been very positive. She is now saving a lot more time and effort thanks to its intuitive design. She said the system is really easy and simple for her to use and coordinate with her working day. She loves all of its features and doesn't know how she went without a booking system for so long! It is a very welcome addition to her business and she can now prioritise her time more effectively and efficiently. A unique and brilliant way for her to manage her day to day running of her business. She highly recommends it!

This blog was posted Tuesday 6th March 2018 : 01.15 pm