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One-Dose Magic

My friend highly recommends URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker supplied by Chem Assist. To keep the urinals clean and clear and for a price reasonable too, he comes to this company for all things drains related. This product is designed as a ‘one dose’ urinal unblocker and it does it with just that.. one dose! If you know anyone who has problems with blocked urinals whether in pubs, clubs, shopping centres etc., then point them in the direction of this company!

This blog was posted Monday 9th December 2019 : 09.34 am

A Pleasure to Work With

My friend who is a sole trader for her business has had the pleasure of working with Dominic Hill for the last two years. She remarked on how professional and approachable they are and how excellent they are at handling things. She feels safe in their hands and find them to be very helpful.

This blog was posted Friday 18th October 2019 : 09.26 am

Mortgage for one year accounts

My friend was looking for a mortgage company that could deal with one year accounts. My friend had set up her business just over a year ago and most high street banks were not able to accommodate this. I need some help were able to search all the options that were available out there and were able to accommodate his mortgage needs.

This blog was posted Tuesday 1st October 2019 : 11.55 am

Marvelous Marquee Hire Service

Southern Events supply some marvelous marquees to hire out. Suitable for weddings, parties, christenings, charity events or even business conferences - whatever the event, this company are the ones to go to. They offer packages which include food and entertainment as well as different styles and sizes of marquees offer. They really do have it all!

This blog was posted Tuesday 10th September 2019 : 12.21 pm

Lovely Atmosphere

Normanhurst provides wonderful care. The staff here are all fantastic and friendly. My friend`s mum is now in care here, where she feels safe and at home. There is a lovely atmosphere here but the staff are what make it. Highly recommend.

This blog was posted Tuesday 10th September 2019 : 11.50 am

Hard Workers

Ansell Plumbing are a skilled team of plumbers who can solve pretty much any plumbing problem! My friend has used their services in the past and sings their praises. She really expressed how hard they work and how well they treat customers.

This blog was posted Tuesday 10th September 2019 : 11.10 am

Excellent Product to Suit Needs

My friend told his sister about Shop for Garden who supply outdoor buildings such as sheds and garages. She needed outdoor space to accommodate her garden tools. She liked the fact that her shed came with clear instructions which help her to put it together. The shed fit her needs and the product is excellent.

This blog was posted Monday 19th August 2019 : 11.06 am

Careful and Professional Tiling Work

My friend greatly appreciated the careful and professional tiling work which the Naked Tiler did for him and his wife. The tiler was flexible and friendly and the work was completed to an excellent standard and completed on schedule.

This blog was posted Monday 19th August 2019 : 10.42 am

Fantastic Walks

My friend was going on holiday and needed a trusted company who would feed, comfort and walk her dogs. K9 Adventures were an amazing choice and she had total confidence in them that her dogs would be well looked after. They were taken on fantastic walks and kept busy the whole time. She recommends this company highly.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd July 2019 : 12.08 pm

Great Location!

My friends family were looking for somewhere to stay on the south coast. They looked at Eastbourne because they felt that it offered all that they needed. They were looking for somewhere near the countryside and also somewhere near the sea. They searched the net and found Tudor Guest House that was in the vicinity of where they wanted to be. Tudor Guest House was a lovely place to stay and had all that they needed!

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 10.19 am

Very Useful!

My friend was looking for an energy device to help monitor the energy consumption in her home. She consulted another friend who was very helpful in recommending Eco Eye Energy Monitors to her. There were several different types of good monitors to choose from and they looked very smart and compact.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 10.02 am

The Place for Them

What a wonderful stay my godparents had at the Arden Hotel in East Sussex. They had always wanted a holiday retreat by the sea that they could come back to year after year and they think they have now found the place for them! They loved the convenience of where it is situated, the reasonable price, the cosy rooms and the friendly and helpful hosts.

This blog was posted Monday 24th June 2019 : 11.04 am

Focused and Engaged Throughout

First Aid for You were brilliant! They are very informative and always made a point of checking everyone’s understanding before moving on to the next topic. What helped keep it interesting was that the provider gave real-life stories and situations to keep the team focused and engaged throughout the training. For any organisations looking into first aid training, this training provider is the one to go for.

This blog was posted Friday 24th May 2019 : 09.59 am

A full valet service

Eastbourne Car Valeting got in contact with my daughter only an hour after she emailed them. She wanted a full valet service carried out on her Suzuki Alto which she recently bought second hand. Their attention to detail was terrific as was their customer service. It was refreshing to see someone who is enthusiastic about the work that they do and to see someone take great care and precision over a job. A brilliant and hardworking company. My daughter was very satisfied with the result and has told all of her friends!

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th September 2018 : 10.16 am

Restoration in more ways than one!

My brother in law highly recommends the fantastic, professional services of ASAP Roofing who were a pleasure to meet and have on site. A previous company did a complete botch-job on the roof of his utility room. From quotation through to installation, the team was brilliant. The roof was completely refitted and restored and for a fair price. He is thankful to this company for not only restoring his roof but also his confidence in quality craftsmanship.

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th September 2018 : 10.06 am

Repeat business for oven clean


This blog was posted Monday 19th March 2018 : 12.22 pm

Effective and Efficient

Best Bookings has been a real lifesaver for my daughters business. The feedback from her about the booking system has been very positive. She is now saving a lot more time and effort thanks to its intuitive design. She said the system is really easy and simple for her to use and coordinate with her working day. She loves all of its features and doesn't know how she went without a booking system for so long! It is a very welcome addition to her business and she can now prioritise her time more effectively and efficiently. A unique and brilliant way for her to manage her day to day running of her business. She highly recommends it!

This blog was posted Tuesday 6th March 2018 : 01.15 pm

Finding the time

My friend had her oven professional cleaned a few months ago. She had never considered getting her oven cleaned professionally. She is a busy mum of three and simply could not find the time to clean her oven. She never considered getting it professionally clean and was always put off because she thought that would be an expensive choice. But when she learned of the price she was pleasantly surprised and decided to give it a go. Mrs Ovens came round and did a wonderful job. She was very friendly and very thorough. My friend is so pleased she got this company to clean her oven.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 03.48 pm

Superb customer interaction

ETC Fire carried out the installation and servicing of the care home where my dad works at. They did a thorough check on all 9 extinguishers within the care home and my dad said how friendly and kind they were towards the staff and how they interacted with the elderly there was superb. They were personable and punctual and their response to the call out was second to none and he said he would happily recommend them to anyone.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 11.34 am

Highly dependable

My husband says that SE Chimney Sweep was extremely pleasant and a joy to have in the home. From the first enquiry they were professional and honest. They arrived on time and were friendly and upbeat. They explained the stages of what they would be doing whilst remaining respectful and careful in not making any mess within the home. The service with efficient and informative. They advised my husband on a range of safety issues to look out for and keep an eye open for. They were highly dependable and very professional and knowledgeable.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th December 2017 : 12.02 pm