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Well presented and comfortable guest house

When you're looking for st ives guest houses I consider this one a great find. Downsfield is so comfortable and well presented and your host Sharon is extremely good at the tea and cake offering and full of local knowledge about what to do and where to go. 

This blog was posted Tuesday 11th November 2014 : 10.14 am

Bargain hotel in Eastbourne

We were looking for cheap hotels eastbourne way and wow this one is a real bargain.  Right near the seafront too.

This blog was posted Wednesday 5th November 2014 : 11.16 am

Great CCTV systems

These CCTV systems look great. Just what I need for my home.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd September 2014 : 10.14 am

Driving lessons around Seaford

I wouldn't mind having my Driving lessons in Seaford. He picks you up from work or home....Cute car, too!

This blog was posted Monday 28th July 2014 : 10.26 am

Quality service for kids curtains

These are quality fabric childrens curtains and they come just as ordered online.  I think it's a great service. 

This blog was posted Tuesday 24th June 2014 : 02.36 pm

Beef up your security

When put on fences and walls, these Security Spikes keep out intruders. They look scary - and they do the job well.

This blog was posted Tuesday 24th June 2014 : 02.34 pm

Get the right support on your purchase

It's very useful talking to Kevin at PESL about the electrical equipment we required.  He has all the info at his fingertips and made sure that we were able to make an informed decision.

This blog was posted Monday 23rd June 2014 : 05.44 pm

A big help when getting out

Getting out of the drive on the blind bend used to be a nightmare but now we fitted Convex Mirrors to help with visibility my wife is much happier and so am I!

This blog was posted Monday 2nd June 2014 : 01.34 pm

Excellent welders in Sussex

I see that Abelweld are welders in Sussex who do work all over the county and beyond - especially marine welding.

This blog was posted Friday 23rd May 2014 : 01.48 pm

Oak furniture made for sloped ceilings

For the best in loft decorating ideas, this oak loft furniture is hard to beat. It just fits neatly in underneath the coves and looks as if it's made for it! Er... which it is!

This blog was posted Sunday 23rd March 2014 : 09.40 am

Something to treasure...

I just wanted to have something tangible to hold when my daughter sadly died of Cancer - I didn't want to bury all of her ... this little crystal bottle I can keep in my bag, or by my bed, it makes me feel that she is still close to me.  These are truly Memorial Keepsakes to treasure. 

This blog was posted Monday 17th March 2014 : 11.10 am

Got it all arranged...

We went to Reid Briggs for Landlords insurance - seeing Keely about this was the best move, and saved us a lot of money and time.

This blog was posted Monday 17th March 2014 : 11.08 am

Super Care Home in Polegate

When looking for Care homes Polegate has a little gem - Victoria House Care Home has the highest standards of client care and all the residents seem very happy - especially with the food!  We liked the cheerful dining room and the activities scheduled certainly give people a choice of things to do.

This blog was posted Friday 14th March 2014 : 01.22 pm

We got shot of little monsters using this

We found all the perimeter security products we needed for our property when the local kids took to scrambling over the wall and running round on the garage roof. Anti climb paint, roller barriers, the lot. Little horrors went and bothered the neighbours instead. Not my problem any more.

This blog was posted Friday 21st February 2014 : 01.48 pm

When you're looking for good people to do rubbish clearance London area call ASAP Waste Logistics - they really make short work of it for you.

This blog was posted Wednesday 12th February 2014 : 07.21 pm

Adorable Futons

So lovely, we adore our futon from Futons First

This blog was posted Friday 7th February 2014 : 01.51 pm

Get on top of your problems

If stress is keeping you up at night and you live in Staffordshire counselling is close at hand from Counselling4You.  I had a lot of exczema and headaches and Marika's sessions are helping me get on top of my problems. 

This blog was posted Thursday 30th January 2014 : 02.56 pm

Good prices

Reid Briggs are knowledgeable when it comes to Learner Driver Insurance. We were able to get both our kids sorted out when they turned 17 for a good price.

This blog was posted Thursday 30th January 2014 : 02.53 pm

Save s

It's not hard to find Business Flights to Sao Paulo when you book with The Business Traveller - we did, and saved ££££££s!!

This blog was posted Friday 24th January 2014 : 04.03 pm

exclusive and private hideaway in Sussex

Lovely sunny Pevensey - what a perfect place to have your weekend retreat! We found caravans for sale at the Martello Beach 'resort' absolutely perfect for our needs. Situated right between Hastings and Eastbourne on the South Coast with their own private beach. It's an exclusive and private hideaway.

This blog was posted Monday 28th April 2014 : 11.19 am