Choosing a Nursing Home

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This site links you to nursing homes in Sussex so that it is easy to search and find what you want; a nursing home that is perfect for you.

If you have a nursing home and would like to be on our links to reach a wider prospective audience, please get in touch.

There are plenty of short and longer-term places in nursing homes available in Sussex.  When choosing a nursing home have a really good look around and chat to the management and staff team to ensure that you will have the same choices as far as possible, as if you were at home.  Are the Managers available and happy to answer questions and chat to you openly about their services?  Are the staff friendly and as visitors, are you made to feel welcome?

Check that the level of care you need is regularly provided and ask other residents or their friends, if possible, of their experience of the home and the care provided there.

Whichever services you need, it helps a great deal if the Home is within easy reach of relatives and friends, and welcomes visitors.  So visit as many as you can before making your decision.  Nursing home fees in Sussex also vary and it is very helpful to plan ahead if you can, make your choice of home or homes (bear in mind that there may not be a vacancy when you need it in your first choice) and think about your plans for financial provision for when the time comes.

So if you’re seeking a nursing home in Sussex, this site is for you; please browse our list of registered nursing homes.  There are many nursing homes that specialise in Dementia (EMI) as this tends to require a different set of skills and qualifications.  It’s extremely important when choosing a home to be completely honest with yourself, and the care team, about your needs, to obtain the appropriate care package for your comfort and well-being and prevent stress either to yourself or the care team looking after you.